Saturday, February 24, 2018
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About Us
Oasis Convention Centre was founded in the early 1990’s and has since been thriving with continuous business and success well into the present day.
With a strong team of dedicated staff, Oasis has found the staying power and secret to its continued success.
Oasis is ideally located with major highways just around its corner, commuting takes 20 minutes from the Greater Toronto Area, and within minutes from Mississauga.
With a vast amount of parking on site there is no need for street parking.  As well there are multiple Hotel and Motel facilities around with 5 to 15 minute commutes.
The interior of Oasis features a Tropical flowing waterfall’s that sets the perfect serene ambiance. Furthermore, each ballroom is decorated with luxurious drapery and chandeliers to set the romantic mood.
From the smallest to the largest, Oasis can accommodate any size of event from 30 to 900 guests for meeting, luncheons, weddings, parties and any other events that may be on your mind.
So next time you think of having a special event, think of Oasis Convention Centre!

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