Wedding Events

Wedding Events

The perfect wedding, when two families become one

The most important night of two young lives should be as immaculate as the love that binds them. Ask any wedding planner and they will agree – the smooth enjoyable evening the guests enjoy comes with committed, cohesive support staff most never see.

It takes more than good intentions to hold a great event. Matching your unique ideas and plan with an equally ideal location is just the beginning. The complementary support staff, the atmosphere and menu, the interior design – all come together to make an event an unforgettable, majestic evening. Oasis understands that with a beautiful room, attentive staff, and world class cuisine- your night will take care of itself.



For a night such as this, you need the elegant locale décor, and menu that reflects the majesty of matrimony. Your guest will enjoy world – class cuisine and comfort as they bear witness to this most beautiful moment. Everything works in consort with the atmosphere, there is nothing worse than poor food, or substandard facilities pulling your guest out of the moment. To make this special night remain that way long after the wine and food have been enjoyed, long after the guest have departed, is the goal of our dedicated tea. We are here for you.



At Oasis we understand the subtle strength that fantastic, unobtrusive service lends to a night where the focus should rest in two special people in love, not on the building, or the food. Those should exist to provide enjoyment, but not to draw focus from the reason your guest are here. That balance id the well-executed finesse of quality staff and experienced event management.



Trust us to ensure your guests remember your wedding for all the right reasons. Make sure the you place this most special of events in the hands of those who truly understand what makes a night to remember



Oasis is a standout of interior design, classic sensibilities, and fresh décor. Able to seat, feed, and entertain any size gathering, your guest will be in the lap of luxury.



Our executive chef and kitchen staff have delectable menu offerings to choose from, and the creative acumen to create a custom menu to suit the most aristocratic palate.

Thinking of a mix of cultural dishes? A special recipe for a special someone? Anything you desire – we can create, deliciously.



Everybody is here. Food is being served, now the reason for the event. Your night is about something important, and we have the facilities to provide you with the music, dance floor, the PA system, and the dressing areas for any social function.

We serve to allow the night to run smoothly, and that balance is achieved by adhering to this principal: Great support is hard to see. Like theme music perfectly scored, we exist as a part of your prefect night, not drawing attention from the reason you’re here after all – it’s a special night for you and your guests, not a celebration of Oasis’s exceptional service